How do I book?
Simply ring Julia on 01885490891 or viisit the website to check availability then fill in the booking form and send off with your deposit.  Note: Provisional bookings will be held for seven days.

How much deposit do I need to send when booking?
We ask for a 100 deposit.

Who do I need to make my cheque payable to?
Please make your cheque payable to Mrs. J. Smith. Please write your name and address on the back.

What time can I get into Number 14?
You can gain access to the cottageafter 4pm.

What time do I need to leave?
We ask that you be out of the cottage by 10.00am, this then gives the cleaners time to work their magic.

When will I get the keys to number 14 for my stay?
You will receive details about the keys with your Welcome Pack, one week before your holiday.

What do I do with the keys when my holiday is over?
Put them back in the key safe.

How much does it cost to use the swimming pool?
As you are a guest at No. 14, your swimming is free.

How old do my children have to be to use the pool?
If your child is under 14, they will need adult supervision.

When is the pool open?
From the 1st April until the31st September.r.
Opening times: 10am - 7pm daily.

Will I need any bed linen?
No,we now supply bed linen. But you WILL NEED YOUR TOWELS, and T towel. .

Do I need to take coins to pay for the electricity?
All electricity is included in your stay, with our compliments

How much does it cost to bring our dog?
Dogs go free !!!!

Can I bring more than one dog?
Yes you can, as long as you have the dogs under control.

Can I let my dog run around outside the cottage?
We ask that all dogs are kept on the lead on the site.
Remember that not everyone is a dog lover (unlike us!).

What about school Holidays
We do ask that when booking school holidays you book full weeks only

What day will my holiday start?
Bookings usually run Friday - Friday. However, outside peak periods it may be possible to change both starting dates and length of stay.   No. 14 BOOKING CONDITIONS

Please note mobile  phone signal (unless you are with Vodaphone) is patchy at the cottage signal cover over the Gower is not brilliant. There is a payphone in the  reception..